Voltage Adapters

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Model:    103-ACVR
Price:      $23.10
Adapter , operates 12 volt instrument on lighting coil - converts 100 vac to 12 vdc, (not for old style datcon hourmeters or for products built with new 240 degree electronic 4 wire meter movement)
Model:    103-18
Price:      $22.00
Mag Adapter, operates 12 VDC, instrument on magneto (not compatible w/ Fairbanks-Morse Mags)..
Model:    329-24
Price:      $3.90
24 Volt Adapter operates one 12 vdc instrument or one 12 vdc light on 24-28 vdc
Model:    329-LPA
Price:      $28.90
Low power adapter, operates hourmeter and 12 VDC instrument on lighting coil (will operate 2 gauges)