Eric Retzlaff's Subaru WRX

Eric Retzlaff's Subaru WRX has been fitted with:

1 Dual Intercooler Temp IN/OUT (2DC3-21)
1 Dual EGT / Boost (2DC2-30SS custom built for 20PSI scale)
2 399DS Thermisters
2 186 Lights with Red Boots
1 712-36DWK EGT Thermocouple
2 692B-714 Gauge Mounts
2 692S Hood Light Shields

The 2DC3-21 Intercooler Temp IN/OUT is connected to two 399DS thermisters. They were easily slipped between the cooling fins on the intercooler.

The 2DC2-SS EGT / Boost is connected to a threaded port on the intercooler. A small hole was drilled at the bottom of the port for air pressure to get through.
The 712-36DWK is attached to the exhaust pipe, post turbo, through a 3/16" hole drilled into the pipe.

The 692B-714 Gauge Mounts were attached to the dash brow with small screws.
The 186 Lights were fitted into the gauges with Red Boots to match the stock gauge color.
The wires were dressed along side the dash pod and attached to the fuse panel, ground and sender leads.
The sender leads exit through a hole drilled into the fire wall.

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