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Shipping, Warranty, Repairs, Returns, & Exchanges

Shipping Policy


Q. How can I purchase your product(s)?
A. Online ordering is available for all products shown on our website. Orders may also be made via phone.

Q. When will you ship my purchased product(s)?
A. Gauges and Fuel level senders are built per order and will ship in about 6-8 weeks following receipt of payment. Senders such as temp, pressure, thermocouples will ship within  few days. Buyers will receive an order acknowledgement containing an estimated ship date.


Q. What is your international shipping policy?
A. Additional shipping charges will be required for orders outside of the continental U.S. We will contact you with this information prior to shipment.


Q. Can I use my own shipping account?
A. When using your own shipping account, a handling fee will be added to the order.


Westach instruments are made from the highest quality materials and workmanship. With reasonable care, instruments will give long and satisfactory service. Westach instruments are guaranteed against defective material and workmanship for 1 year from the manufacturing date.

Warranty Repairs

No charge will be made for labor and material consumed in affecting repairs in units which are covered by our warranty. Package carefully including description of malfunction and type of engine unit is used on. Include your correct return address and phone number, email, etc. Our obligation is limited to correct and return instruments and covers no liability for damage from shipment, improper installation, excessive vibration, rough handling or if opened, tampered with or modified by customer. Westach will not reimburse customer for cost(s) incurred in removing and/or reinstalling replacement parts, or for return shipping costs. Westach takes no responsibility for damage to person or property resulting from using products or materials produced or distributed by Westach.


Out of Warranty Repairs

Units determined by Westach to have been improperly installed, roughly handled, tampered with by customer, or past 1 year from manufacture date will be "out of warranty". Repair charges will be based on time and materials and have a 90 day warranty.


Repairs, Returns, & Exchanges

All Units are handled as shipper's property. DO NOT ISSUE DEBIT MEMO. All units must have sufficient packing to avoid shipping damage and correct return address, phone #, email, etc with full description of failure. Westach will not accept units returned COD. Unused instruments purchased directly from Westach may be accepted for credit, upon written request for Westach authorization and inspection. All instruments incorrectly ordered will be charged a 25% re-stocking fee. We will not accept units that where purchased through a distributor. No units over 5 years are accepted for credit. Special order items are not returnable for credit! Customer must notify Transportation Company immediately of any shipping damage. Customer must notify Westach. within 48 hours of receiving shipment with missing, damaged, or incorrect items.

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